June 5th, 2008

Missed Fortune

Missed Fortune

I've seen fortune cookies that dispense generic wisdom, compliment the eater on some admirable characteristic, recommend some new activity, etc. Most of these, if taken at face value, would imply some degree of otherworldy clairvoyance ... which I guess is the whole point behind the tongue-in-cheek mystique of fortune cookies. Still, though.

But I saw one this past week (courtesy of Panda Express) that raises the bar a few notches:

You will enjoy a trip to Asia.

This was news to me, as I have never traveled outside the North American continent and have no immediate plans to do so (although it would be nice to, someday). I guess I'd better hurry up and get a passport.

Okay, so maybe the cookie was being slightly metaphorical and suggesting I would have a blast on my next walk to the HSBC branch in Oakland Chinatown. Or ... wait, I've got it ... the cookie knew I went to see Asia (a band comprised, somewhat paradoxically, by four old white men) in concert last month! The cookie was just slightly off, temporally. But what do you expect from a lightly sweetened lump of dough?