June 7th, 2008

"Floury" language for your dining and entertainment pleasure

Yes, it's true -- I'm back with more pictures taken through the metaphorical lens of my everyday life (and more literally, through the lens of my cell phone camera). In all cases below, click on the thumbnails for full-size images.

Nothing too entertaining here, other than a rather glaring typo ("untill") on a large print ad for a TV show. You'll find this (possibly among other places) in a passageway to the parking structure at Bay Street in Emeryville. I just love when pop culture tries to be all smooth and cool, botches it up with such a mundane error, and then blows it up to billboard size for all to see.

Of course, we could be dealing with the vandalizing of farms. Maybe Gossip Girl tills her fields, and then those nasty boys come through and untill them. And then she talks about them behind their backs. Voila. A new TV Drama formulated for teen consumption is born. (For further reflection, consider how interesting it gets when Gossip Girl shops for gardening implements here.)

Two things regarding this recycling bin in the Emeryville Ikea:
  1. The, er, unorthodox spelling of the word "fluorescent."

  2. Look at what some probable Darwin Award nominees have actually been throwing into the bin. (In fact, there are far more incandescent bulbs in the bin than compact fluorescents.) But then again, can you blame people? Technically, the bin is labeled as intended for something that doesn't actually exist. Although, I am intrigued by the thought of lighting technology that relies on the glow emitted by charged flour particles. What else can we do with common organic substances? The answer to the energy crisis might be found right in your kitchen cabinets!

Here's a nice little excerpt from my credit card statement for all to enjoy. What's interesting to me is the category into which this purchase was somehow slotted. I will admit I've always gotten a kick out of going through automated car washes, so maybe the "entertainment" part applies. But as delicious and fruity as those tri-color polishes smell, I just can't see myself sitting down to a meal composed in part thereof.

It gives a whole new meaning to the expression "wash your mouth out with soap." Unless, of course, the carwash in question uses experimental biodegradable flour-based soap to cut down on waste water pollution. Just imagine the ad campaign: "Gives your car that showroom-quality flourescent shine..."