March 15th, 2010

Poor Customer Disservice

Poor Customer Disservice

It's a sad "sign of the times" when customer service has sunk to such desperate lows that a moment of truly good customer service is a jaw-droppingly momentous occasion.

But, since that seems to have become the case, I am compelled to re-publish this e-mail response my mom (kyle_webb) forwarded me today. It's from a brief exchange with Pur -- you know, the company that does funky things with tap water while looking cool in the process, not an alternate spelling of something a cat does...

Hi Kyle,

Thank you for contacting Pur.

I’m sorry your Pur vertical faucet mount unit isn't working properly. This is unusual. The quality of our products, their content, performance and packaging is very important to us. We have many quality control checkpoints along the manufacturing lines because we want each of our products to meet all of our high quality standards. I’ll share your comments with the team.

The amount of help I can offer via email is limited. I am sending you a Pur faucet mount unit. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery by postal mail. It isn’t necessary to return the Pur unit or send pictures to us. We have the information we need.

Thanks for writing.

Pur Team

Wow. Simple, respectful, empathetic, articulate, classy, and effective. I'm way more likely to do business with Pur in the future, just based on having read that.

Are you listening, other companies? Are you listening, Yahoo!, Barnes & Noble, Delta Airlines, and every other company that I've seen demonstrate a profoundly awful level of customer service? If you treat your customers well, you'll get more business! Novel concept, that...