April 19th, 2010

Winner of the Day: "Up in Smoke"

Winner of the Day: "Up in Smoke"

The other night, I saw a young woman walk by outside an establishment I was sitting in, pushing a stroller containing a baby (presumably hers), and ... wait for it ... a lit cigarette in her hand.

Now, while I can certainly imagine somebody pushing the argument that second-hand and sidestream smoke will disperse without posing a threat to an infant's respiratory tract in an outdoor setting, clearly that's not even the issue here.

Folks, it's simple: I'm not here to tell anybody what to do to his/her own body, but if you absolutely must smoke, at least keep it away from the kids. They shouldn't be growing up with the perception that smoking is a "normal" thing that integrates well with other everyday activities. A better image for impressionable young minds is that of smokers huddled together and shivering, exiled behind the back doors of office buildings during their requisite breaks on subzero days. Smoking used to be far more institutionalized and socially acceptable, and past mistakes borne of ignorance can be reconciled to some degree. But this is 2010, not 1950, and we know better now ... or at least we're supposed to.

Besides, just imagine if a sudden gust of wind knocked a piece of ash off that woman's cigarette and it fell down onto her baby. How badly do you suppose she'd feel? I'll give you a hint: probably not as badly as she should.