June 1st, 2010

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There are no words to describe that moment when you realize something you already know, and experience how amazing it is.

There are flowers, and I saw them yesterday. I saw them again tonight and saw something entirely different. Something more detailed, more aware. The beauty of something so natural and so simple really struck me in a way it hadn't at first glance. And one has since opened, revealing a whole little world I didn't even know existed.

The only difference between the unopened and opened states of the flower is a matter of what one readily perceives. Perception may be the key to awareness, but reality exists regardless. A restatement of the old "if a tree falls in a forest..." parable, perhaps, but it's not a question of whether I knew the details of the previously closed flower's internals -- it just never even occurred to me that there was more to that particular flower until it opened. And that is of another significance entirely.