Mike Webb (nightvzn) wrote,
Mike Webb

Science to the rescue: listen to your body clock!

Here's a fairly interesting piece which I think a number of people I know might be able to identify with to some degree...


This article takes the same do-stupid-showoff-things-to-impress-people tone that I find irritating in most Monster articles, and some of the "solutions" it offers are fairly unhelpful. But at least it provides some rare scientifically supported validation of my sleep pattern quirks that get looked down upon by the unenlightened or overly traditional as "lazy" (or at the very least wildly strange).

So they say 40% might have non-standard body clock tendencies, meaning 60% are "normal" -- that's a solid majority, as I have long suspected, which is the key to the marginalization the rest of us experience. And I'm pretty sure I fall into the "extreme" 10% group.

I think most of the people I know well exhibit some of these tendencies too. With all the dumb bird metaphors in the article ... well, maybe we are all birds of a feather and flock together too.

But the important take-home lesson here is that people truly have good reason to try to adapt their lives to their natural clocks, because it encourages both increased happiness (i.e. lack of misery) and increased productivity (and hence "value to the company" in the all-important Monster lingo). And I hope society continues to wake up to this reality, because it could only stand to help everybody -- both that poor 40% (and seriously beleaguered fringe 10%), and the organizations we give our time to as well.

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