Mike Webb (nightvzn) wrote,
Mike Webb

Truth Hurts...and Sometimes it Needs To

Truth Hurts...and Sometimes it Needs To

I took part in the showing of solidarity at the Proposition 8 protest in SF on Saturday, where I'd have to say it was literally the hottest I've felt the weather in San Francisco in years -- and it is mid-November, mind you.

There were many speakers (most of whom I couldn't hear), countless queers and straight allies (some of whom brought their children, human and canine alike), and many signs (some of which had funny misspellings). I won't go into details, since you can probably imagine the general tone and atmosphere of such an event. But to me, this sign takes the cake:

(Click on thumbnail for full-size image.)

Harsh, but true. And it needed to be said.
Tags: funny pictures, lgbt, politics, society
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