Mike Webb (nightvzn) wrote,
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Sort of a Pale, Watered-Down, Minty Green

Sort of a Pale, Watered-Down, Minty Green

This is one of those cases of "oh, look what I just noticed that's been in front of my face for ages now."

Subaru sends me periodic maintenance reminders in the mail, taking the form of "we estimate that your car has roughly x miles now, which means you're about due for your such-and-such service." Then at the bottom of the letter, there's a coupon for that particular service interval, and usually another for some other "optional but recommended" service they'd like me to conside.

Don't get me wrong -- I appreciate receiving those coupons, given that I am rather religious about following the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule (other than those optional ones, which I tend to do a lot less frequently than they'd like), and that based on some harsh lessons I learned years ago, I have all service performed by the dealership.

For a while now, each letter has come with a notice on the back of the envelope enthusiastically inviting me to "Go Green!" by signing up to receive e-mail notices instead of the paper variety. But the web site where one is supposed to do this -- www.mysubaru.com -- seems to have something messed up in my records, and I'm not able to make the change. I'd still have to print the coupons to take them into the dealership anyway, so I didn't consider it a huge priority to get the matter addressed.

And then today I received one in the mail, and like a lime wedge squirting you in the eye when you're just trying to squeeze the juice out, it hit me: because a paper coupon is still needed, Subaru isn't inviting me to "go green" at all! They're inviting me to save them postage, and to use my own printer/paper/ink to produce the coupons.

I think I'll pass on "going green" for now, and let them keep sending me the coupons. Hell, I certainly shell out enough for the service appointments, even with the coupons.

(Yes, I know, printing the coupons myself would at least save on envelopes, but until we can go completely paper-free, I'm not particularly impressed and not ready to call it "going green.")
Tags: cars, environment, funny, observations
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