Mike Webb (nightvzn) wrote,
Mike Webb

Downright Tropical

Downright Tropical

It occurred to me tonight that the last time I spent an entire winter in New York (2002-2003), the car I had at the time didn't have an outside temperature gauge. When you do have one, it has the effect of reminding you precisely how Freaking Freezing (tm) it is every time you get in to drive somewhere.

Granted, it's been an especially cold weekend here, dancing around both sides of zero depending on what part of town you're in. But I took a short drive out into the country tonight, and watched the temperature plummet about a degree every half-mile until it bottomed out at -9. In fact, it's quite likely it got well below that, but I don't think my gauge is capable of displaying double-digit negative temperatures. (The minus sign would interfere with displaying a tens digit.)

And yes, I'm aware that my gas mileage is sucking at the moment. There are probably several reasons for that, including too many short around-town trips, some snowy/slippery roads I had to drive a few nights ago, and some sizeable tire-rubbing fender bergs I accumulated that needed to be blasted out at a coin-op car wash bay. Altogether it takes a toll...
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